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A few doctor colleagues including Dr. Nazir Ahmed Dahar and Dr Safiullah Afghan from United Kingdom (U.K) visited Hyderabad in December 2008 and interacted here with friends including Dr. Muhammad Mujahid Siddiqui, Mr. Abrar Qazi, Prof. Aijaz Qureshi and Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Shaikh to explore ways and methods for betterment of people of Sindh in particular and nation as a whole. After detailed deliberations it was decided to form a non-government organization to work together towards improving the prevailing pathetic status of education and health in our province. Consequently contact was made with friends including Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Shaikh and Dr. Muhammad Suleman Shaikh of Sindh Graduates Association. Sindh Development Association (SDA) was thus formed as a union of Sindh Doctors Association U.K and Sindh Graduates Association Hyderabad.

What is SDA?

Sindh Development Authority is a charitable, social, non-poltical and non-profitting organization. It is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) which was registered under the Societies Regsitration Act (XXI) of 1860.

Dated: 17th November, 2009
Reg No: 5788

What is the need and purpose?

Education is the teaching and training of mind and character. It provides the basic building blocks for development of any society; no social economic or political growth is possible unless education system is so strong, solid and of such a high standard that it will develop strong healthy minds which will in turn result in healthy responsible social and civic sense & habits leading to a much healthier environment. Hence even for the health education is the basic need.
In old days standard of education of Sindh was a matter of pride. Since 1970s however, this has progressively deteriorated to the present pathetic level; now the number of children outside the school is far higher than those going to school. This situation is worse in interior creating a huge gulf of inequality between urban and rural literacy. The sickness is so deep rooted that any number of administrative measures from government alone will not improve the system. Hence active participation of the civil society is the only way to resolve this problem; SDA has, therefore, decided to work on education.

Health is ill planned, ill managed and ill implemented primary health care system has resulted in extremely poor prevention & cure at primary health care level resulting in rampant communicable and non-communicable diseases in Sindh. School health service exists no more. SDA, therefore, has embarked on developing its own mechanism to attend to health profile of school children at primary level. It has programmed the extra & co curricular, as well as, physical training activities so that healthy sound body can lead to healthy sound mind.


Create Hope
Millions of children live in desperate need of very things we often take for granted – food, medicine, education and safe drinking water.
Without these basics, they are often denied the chance of ever learning to read and write.