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SDA appeals to all our previous donors and to those who have been bestowed with health, wealth and kind heart from Almighty Allah to kindly come forward and join hands with us in furthering the Noble cause of strengthening and expanding the education amongst the down trodden children of Sindh. May Allah accept our humble contribution and reward us all here and hereafter, AAMEEN.

Branch Name: Meezan Bank Limited, Saddar Branch, Hyderabad Cantt.
Branch Code: 01601
Title of Account: SDA
Account No: 0101168785
Branch Name: Soneri Bank Limited, Saddar Main Branch, Hyderabad
Branch Code: 0006
Title of Account: SDA
Account No: 02011707240

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Sindh Development Association, Doctors Colony, Heerabad, Hyderabad
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Millions of children live in desperate need of very things we often take for granted – food, medicine, education and safe drinking water.
Without these basics, they are often denied the chance of ever learning to read and write.