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Vision & Hope

SDA has, through the organization’s own manpower and financial resources, been largely able to successfully address the problems of 2500 children of 19 adopted Govt. Schools in such a way that has resulted not only in attracting and improving the attendance and standard of children in these schools but has also developed their confidence level, creativity and interaction ability to a great extent.
It is our vision & hope that in next coming years SDA action and efforts will bear fruit and education will:

Related to Education



  • Attend and rectify the present problems of the adopted government primary schools
  • Provide teaching aids, study material, school bags and uniforms
  • Add Computer Labs to more schools
  • Add Science Labs to Elementary & Middle Schools
  • Provide electric water coolers where not available
  • Develop liaison with other private schools

Teaching Aids

Computer Labs

Study Material

Related to Health

Water Filteration Plant


  • Installation of Water Filtration Plant in nearby villages of hyderabad where sweet water is not available
  • Design and set an Old People Nursing Home
  • Develop and Run public awareness program especially on Silent Killer and Communicable Diseases
  • Own one ward of Liaquat University Hospital and develop it to high-tech & modern status
  • Set first aid facilities and attend / refer the students with health problems as assessed by the health teams and recorded in the health files to the concerned specialist

Old Age Home

Hospital Ward

First Aid Kit

Create Hope
Millions of children live in desperate need of very things we often take for granted – food, medicine, education and safe drinking water.
Without these basics, they are often denied the chance of ever learning to read and write.