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  Our Schools  

  • Government Primary School (GPS) Gul Muhammad Parhyar
  • Government Masjid Primary School (GMPS), Pathan Goth, Giddu Naka
  • Government Girls Masjid Primary School(GGMPS), Pathan Goth,Giddu Naka
  • Government Girls Primary School (GGPS), Pathan Goth, Kachi Abadi
  • GBPS Pathan Goth, Kachi Abadi, Hussainabad
  • GGPS Sahrish Nagar
  • GPS Saffar Shidi, Shidi Village (Boys in First Shift)
  • GGPS Saffar Shidi (Girls in Second Shift)
  • GGPS Haji Ismail Soomro
  • GBPS Haji Ismail Soomro
  • GGPS Bachal Soomro
  • GBPS Bachal Soomro
  • GPS Sanjar Mirbahar
  • 14. GMPS Urs Solangi at Buddo Palari
  • GMPS Sahafi Colony (Kumbhar Paro)
  • GMPS Shafi Muhammad Brohi, Jamshoro Road
  • GGPS Muhammad Khan Bagrani
  • GBPS Muhammad Khan Bagrani
  • GPS Gulab Laghari, Channel Wah, Hyderabad Bypass


  • Four committees from amongst the members of SDA were formed.
  • Proforma was developed to assess and evaluate:
    • Strength of students, teachers and menial staff
    • Infrastructure covering the status of classrooms, office, furniture, fans, sanitation and drinking water
    • The facility for education and extracurricular activities including the science lab, computer, library, sports & physical training
  • Another profama was developed to:
    • monitor and evaluate the punctuality and regularity of the students and staff
    • the discipline and performance of students in education and in co-curricular activities
  • A template guiding the school administration to cover the course on four monthly basis was developed
  • Parents and teachers meeting were organized to enhance the quality of education

 Terms & Conditions  

  • To ensure regular monitoring and guidance of teachers and taught with particular reference to punctuality, discipline, performance and accounts matters and to forward a monthly report to the concerned executive district officer (Education) / District Officer (Education) and ADO (Education) and a copy thereof to the Education and Literacy Department.
  • Taking efforts to increase/ encourage co-curricular activities in the institutions.
  • To strive for improvement of facilities in the educational institutions, including greenery and beautification.
  • Making efforts to increase involvement of parents and community through extensive community impelling process.
  • Making efforts to activate civic agencies for betterment of the institutions.
  • To arrange monthly meeting of parents teacher associations / school management committees and staff, in order to boost up the standard of education and to resolve various problems of the teaching staff and students and make necessary recommendations to the higher authorities whenever felt necessary.
  • To make arrangements for reward of good teachers and meritorious students for their encouragement and as an example for others to emulate.
  • Making efforts for the promotion of quality education and academic standard and encourage activities for best possible results.
  • Arrange training courses for teachers and inform concerned EDO, District Officer and ADO (Education) about the courses well before the time. The teachers should positively participate in the training courses organized by the adopter, whereas, the above officers may watch the output of the trainings and arrange for the teachers ways and means for the benefit of the students.
  • The school along with their building and land will remain property of Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh.

  Problem Encountered  

  • Lack of basic infrastructure including buildings, the classrooms, furniture
  • Lack of functional toilets
  • Non availability of clean drinking water
  • Disproportionate teaching staff versus students
  • Lack of healthy, safe and secure environment due to non availability of peon, chokidar and sweeper
  • Lack of computers
  • Lack of concept or practice to conduct every morning Assembly
  • Lack of proper dress / uniform & shoes
  • Lack of teaching material / learning material
  • Lack of attention to physical, mental and social health of children and the staff and no concept of developing and keeping the health records
  • Minimum attention to co-curricular & extracurricular activities.

  Our Progress  

  • ✔ Community seminars and meetings with parents have resulted in increase in number of admissions in various schools
  • ✔ Enrollment has increased manifold in almost all the schools
  • ✔ Punctuality & regularity of students has increased. There is some improvement in teachers also
  • ✔ Assemblies are now a regular feature in most schools
  • ✔ Evaluation of teachers through performance of monthly tests of students has shown good results
  • ✔ Computer knowledge & skills have advanced
  • ✔ Co-curricular activities have been organized
  • ✔ Quality of education has considerably increased


Italian Trulli

SDA Hyderabad, after advertisement and due process of short listing and interview, is awarding scholarships to 23 meritorious financially deserving male & female students of class XI, XII and graduate level from all districts of Sindh every year since 2011.

Create Hope
Millions of children live in desperate need of very things we often take for granted – food, medicine, education and safe drinking water.
Without these basics, they are often denied the chance of ever learning to read and write.